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NEW 40-feets (12 m)

ocean class A sailing yacht








Why did we call our yacht this name?    

Because it's sunny, warm and orange, like an orange fruit.

Orange - not only color, our orange means orange fruit too. Actually, the first meaning came to our minds when, we saw this raging of positive emotions - a white and orange beauty yacht, permeated with streams of sunlight inside, and, in cloudy weather, it seemed, generating sunlight.

Then already, the first crew, having bought 7 kilogramms of oranges, immediately saw an indisputable analogy and


this version of the name was left, settled down, in our speech and reflecting all kind, gentle attitude to the yacht that arises in everyone who spent on here board at least a day.


The Impression 40 «ORANGE FIRST» from Elan, a most impressive sailing yacht is designed to satisfy even the most demanding cruising families, friends and couples who really appreciate the distinctive design, style and comfort. Her welcoming Deck Saloon provides abundant natural light through the panoramic windows. The Impression 40 offers exceptional interior volume and quality finish combined with safe and easy handling whilst under sail.

Hull450  The sports hull of the yacht with the threeradial sails, with a classic full-size battens, allow you to develop a speed of up to 13 knots, even on sharp ones angles, up to 26 degrees to the wind! I'm sure this will delight you! Everything on board the "Orange First" is well thought out in order to ensure a pleasant stay and confident, comfortable seiling. This yacht was built specifically for Real Sailing Club, taking into account all our experience in organizing sailing trips and your wishes.
In line with Impression’s commitment to deliver the best sailing experience with every model, every time, the new Impression 40 is an impressively fast cruiser. Everything aboard the Impression 40 is well-thought out to ensure a pleasurable experience, whether under sail cruising or when reveling in picturesque secluded bays at anchor. The spacious cockpit with large, protected sitting areas and the fixed cockpit table provide superior comfort for crew and visitors, while the large sunbathing deck forward will be everyone’s delight. The twin steering wheel arrangement offers an ideal position for the helmsman, while the wide transom and bathing platform ensure easy access to the sea. With the option of the large platform you are also able to enclose the cockpit completely whilst under sail.  Breakfast on the yacht - impression romantic.
Modern navigation system. The presence of the AIS, EPIRB system, an auto-opening liferaft, lifejackets for all crew members, pyrotechnics, rescue harnesses, lifebuoys, a flashing rescue buoy and other security tools will help you make a choice in favor of our company. We not only declare: "Client security is the highest goal!" - we invest in security means continuously. You can appreciate it yourself.



Technical characteristics and equipment Sailing yacht "Orange First" is impressive:

  • Bed linen and bath towels;
  • Utensils, appliances and kitchen utensils;
  • Cushing in the cockpit;
  • RIB inflatable 2.7 m (5 people);
  • Yamaha outboard engine 4 hp;
  • Life jackets and straps;
  • Frontal side fenders - 8 pcs .;
  • Frontal stern spherical - 1 pc;
  • Gangway gangway;
  • Hose for water 25 m;
  • Additional deck chairs - 2 pcs .;
  • Mooring ends 10 m. - 4 pcs.
  • Mooring ends (springs) 20 m. - 4 pcs.
  • Audio system;
  • A navigation network with an Internet connection and AIS;
  • Autopilot;
  • Echo sounder;
  • Altimeter;
  • Teak finishing;
  • Sprayhood;
  • Bimini top;
  • Remote control of the anchor winch;
  • Bow thruster;
  • Stationary radio station with automatic Distress-mode;
  • EPIRB - buoy;
  • Life raft for 8 people;
  • Life ring type "Horseshoe" with a flashing beacon;
  • A set of maps of the region and the sailing directions;
  • The navigational tool;
  • Hand lantern and searchlight;
  • A set of pyrotechnics;
  • Foghorn;
  • Tool set;
  • Spare parts for diesel engines;
  • Spare parts for outboard motors;
  • General ship spare parts;
  • Vanthorese;
  • Gasoline canister and funnel;
  • Fresh water canister;
  • Muring gloves;
  • Offshore cable 220 V;
  • Black ball and triangle;
  • Gas cylinders made of aluminum - 2 pcs .;
  • Keys from the yacht, gas compartment, outboard motor.

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  •  Internet WiFi of 3 Gb - 20 Euro;
  • Soft lining for sunbathing on deck - 50 Euro per week.


Charter contract form: ZIP or PDF pag1/2PDF page 2/2.






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